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Sunday, October 26, 2014

D's big surprise

We got tickets for Sesame Street Live and had been telling D about her special "surprise" all week. She had no idea what the surprise was, but she was excited about it.

Her special day was made even more special by a birthday party for a little friend.


Pre-show meal at Izzos. At this point, I'm pretty sure she thought her surprise was her taco.

Still no idea although she spotted Elmo on the 18-wheeler parked outside.

Walking into the arena, she thinks she is seeing a "band".

And then she spots Elmo, her "favorite friend," she says.








Brother got to get in on the action, too.

Couldn't leave without some requisite, overpriced memento. Sucker.
A sweet day, indeed.
As we were leaving, D witnessed the devastation of another baby accidentally letting go of her balloon. She vowed to "go to Mars with her ladder" to get it back for her. It was a defining moment in her life to be sure as she is still talking about it today.
In other funny news, D informed me a few weeks ago that she wanted to be a dog for Halloween. I found that to be a simple enough request and gathered the necessary materials. On the way home from school this week, I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, just for good measure, and she answered, "a skateboard".
Hmm...that's a stumper. Fortunately, she decided on a cat after a brief detour of wanting to be a princess. I am a little nervous that we might get to Halloween and have an utter meltdown because she no longer wants to be a cat or the cat I create isn't the cat she envisioned. And such is life with a toddler. The struggle is real!
In more interesting D news, when she is feeling a little impish, she calls B and me "Boo-Boo". Let's be clear- this is in no way related to the late "Honey Boo-Boo," a phenomenon I know about in name only. Instead, it comes from her desire to say the word "booty" without getting in trouble.
And finally, I always imagined I would have a child who never said anything to embarrass me in public, much like the sweet little girl I babysat for years. Well, let's just say there is still hope for brother. D, upon seeing a man wearing a necklace or with a ponytail, asks (loudly), "Is that a guh or a boy?" Fair enough. Transcending gender stereotypes is a tall order for a two year old. Infinitely more mortifying, though, is when she noticed a person walking out of the cry room at Mass last weekend and said, "He's big!" You cannot imagine how fast my hand flew from my lap over her mouth.

Family fun night at whole foods

After spending too long deciding what to have for dinner on Friday night, we just decided to go to Whole Foods for dinner. Much to my delight and amusement, D now recognizes Whole Foods as much as Target or "Lon Mard" (Wal-Mart).

Who needs a pumpkin patch when you've got Whole Foods?

This girl is serious about grocery shopping.

Would make a fine addition to our menagerie around here.

And we can't forget about brother..

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Backyard graffiti and other important things

Say what you will...I live with a talented crew.
This smile lights up my world.

H tried solids for the first time the day after his 4 month birthday. His first meal was avocado. He is not quite as enthusiastic about food as sister was/is.
I'm constantly finding random little treasures hidden all over the place. It makes me laugh.

Speaking of four months, this is H at three months.

And this is four months. Fastest four months of my life I tell you. I'm doing a terrible job keeping up with the stats. All I can tell you is that he was 12 pounds at 2 months, has been rolling over from his back to his stomach since three months, and drools like it's his job!
This weekend we went to my school/our church's fall fair. D and Juliet had a great time. There was nothing fall about the weather though. It was hot. I love going to school functions like this as my students past and present love to see and play with my babies.

H got in on the action, too.

A few weekends ago, the weather was super nice and perfect for the food truck roundup at Parc Lafayette.
Brother made his first Rhythms on the River.
And these two wore themselves slap out dancing.

Around these parts, we say yes to ruffles. They kill me with their cuteness, and so does she.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hodge Podge

At this point, I am so far behind in documenting that a hodge podge of pictures in no particular order will have to do.
A few weekends ago, we trekked to Monroe to take care of a few things, and D had a great time digging through Mammy's jewelry with JoJo. She is just like me...loves her grandmother and loves her jewels.
After thoroughly pulling every single play thing and non-play thing out, she settled in to watch a little Baby Mozart with brother.

Brother's first day of school. My sister says we should paint his hair pink and stick a jewel in his belly button because he looks like a troll. Bless his heart. The cutest troll I've ever seen for sure. Double bless his heart that he has to suffer through all of sister's pink hand me downs.
This was his two month picture I never got around to posting.
Say what you will about her..she is not one to under accessorize.

I found myself unintentionally drinking some blue colored water today. In case you were wondering, the coloring came from play dough a certain turkey sneakily put in my water bottle.

This little turkey has a preference for tummy time. In fact, he has already made it his sleep position of choice forcing us to retire the swaddle. D was 6 months old before we stopped swaddling her.

B introduced D to Motley Crue, and she can now identify their songs. We capitalized on her sudden interest in rock and roll on our way to Monroe and enjoyed the break from her nursery rhyme songs.
D is a lucky tot- she met Princess Ariel at a birthday party a few weeks ago. Side note- I used to imagine I would marry Prince Eric from Little Mermaid and we would be Eric and Erica. Lame, I know!

SEVERAL weeks ago we took D and H to New Orleans to visit with Uncle Chris, Aunt Mary and Lillian at Audubon Zoo. It was a complete hot mess of a day to be at the zoo as it rained the entire time, but we just pulled out the umbrellas and made the best of it.

4th of July weekend...D thinks the American flag is called the 4th of July. She also says her birthday is Hobby Lobby instead of February. :)
Poor brother. I originally intended for this post to be an update on him, but sister kind of stole the show. C'est la vie.