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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More of the life of D

I know I sound like a broken record, but we have the best time with D and all her cuteness. I wish I could record every single thing, but this will do.

One thing she loves to do is go to Randol's, which is a little touristy crawfish place near our house. They have live Cajun music every night. D doesn't even like to eat there (which is definitely uncharacteristic of her). She just likes to dance.

We took the girls to see Disney on Ice. Truthfully, I would have never thought this would be a good idea, but they LOVED it! I've wanted to take D to Disney World before brother arrives, but B vetoed that idea. I know she wouldn't remember it, but I am positive she would love it, and we would certainly remember it fondly. Alas, we are not going, but this really was the next best thing.

Rhythms-on-the-River is back, and D loves it even more this year. We invested in a little waterproof picnic blanket that we call our Rhythms blanket, and it was definitely a good idea.

We had lunch a Zoe's a few weekends ago, and D carried her purse in like a little old lady.

She is also becoming quite good at diaper changing.
She is so funny to watch with her babies. She converses with them in full sentences that sound an awful lot like things we say to her. It's really interesting to see myself through her eyes by watching her play, especially when she puts her babies in time out. :/

We had a surprise visit from JoJo last weekend and enjoyed brunch at Brick and Spoon. As usual, she was such a cute turkey.

Week 32

My mom surprised D and me last weekend and magically appeared from our pantry when we returned home from Kindermusik. D was so super excited, as was I of course. I had been planning to piddle with the baby's room a bit, but in true-Mom fashion, we didn't just piddle, we went all the way.

We moved D's crib to the baby's room and the guest bed to D's room for her "big girl bed". I'd love to do a twin in her room to maximize the space she has for all of her treasures, but we really need at least a full for our guests until we have a bigger house. I'll do a separate post on D's room.

This is the initial pic of baby brother's room. We still have much to do, but I wanted to post this picture so I can see the progress once it is all finished.

This is my large-and-in-charge self at 32 weeks. I'm just banking on the rumor that you lose weight more easily after the baby if you are active during pregnancy to be true. At this point, I don't know what else to do! I did notice in my archives that at this point I was not wearing my engagement ring any longer, and I still can right now, so I guess that's a win!

I don't and haven't craved anything special since the second trimester celery and buffalo sauce binge, but I am love-love-loving this meal...
Japanese cucumber salad, chicken salad, avocado, a few slices of cheese, and a few crackers. It's a total luncheon meal, but I love to have it for dinner. D loves it, too. B kind of likes it, but I think he is getting tired of it.

And while we are on pictures of food, here is the first harvest from our garden. It was good.

These did not come from our garden, but they are so pretty. We all love strawberries, and I especially love strawberries from Louisiana.

And finally, after much discussion and hem-hawing, we have decided on a name for our sweet boy. He will go by his middle name. This is a complete B side of the family name coming from his dad's name and a surname in his family. He took a lot of convincing on the middle name, but I just love it and have really only thought of this child by this name all along.

And in case you were wondering, the other names we WERE considering but decided against were Luke and Nick. I couldn't get over the Dukes of Hazard connection with the name Luke, and although I liked the connection to the Great Gatsby with Nick, I just never felt like it was right. None of it matters, though, because we have a name deeply connected to family, which is exactly what I love.

Easter Weekend

We had a very full Easter weekend which left us all happy and exhausted. We started our weekend by trekking to Monroe on Good Friday for lunch with JoJo and D's first play date with my oldest friends' babies. It was our first time meeting sweet Spencer. D had a blast teaching the babies the ways of the world.

Then we headed to Lake D'Arbonne to visit B's cousin and aunt at his cousin's beautiful and relaxing lake house.

D made fast friends with the bunny.

and the alligator. She learned the trick to being friends with an alligator is to come bearing food, so she made sure she stuffed his mouth quite full with acorns, pine cones and the like.

She enjoyed playing "here catch" with Aunt B. She asked for her golf clubs so she could properly play with the ball, but she learned there are other ball sports besides golf.
She also learned that fish are found in places besides the Aquarium and our plate at Samurai and got to try her hand at catching them.
I see a pink fishing pole in our future.

We of course had to see JoJo and Mar Mar on our way out, and as usual, they came bearing presents for D including PEEPS. 
Though we really only got to spend a little bit of time with our family and friends,  it was such a sweet weekend full of memories.

Easter Sunday 2014

Our Easter Sunday was just as busy and beautiful as the weekend. We started our day with Mass, to which D wore her hand-embroidered and hand-smocked dress from last year made by Mims. I was so glad she could wear it again because I know it was a labor of love, and it is just precious!

Our church had two Masses- one in the church and one in my school's gym for overflow. Though we arrived early, we didn't arrive early enough to make it into the church and had to settle for the gym. It was no problem except bleachers=no kneelers=standing during the kneeling parts. That coupled with the fact that D only wanted me to hold her meant things started to get a little faint. FORTUNATELY enough, my ob-gyn was sitting right in front of us, so we were in good company if I did faint. I really like my doctor, but that is probably the only time I was thankful to run into her in public. The only thing that would have been better would have been for D's pediatrician to be sitting behind us in the event that she choked on the freeze-dried peaches she was downing the whole time.

Some kids like hunting eggs, but MY girl likes collecting pine cones.
And she's pretty good at it, too.

The best family photo we could manage to document Easter 2014.

I had high hopes for some vintage white wicker chair pictures, but D had other ideas herself.

After Mass, D napped while I got ready for our get-together with our neighbors. I contributed these yummy baked brie bites.

And pavlova topped with Louisiana strawberries. I've been dying to try this dessert for years, and it was so easy AND delicious.

I was having a real super-mom moment when I decided to use cheddar bunnies to stuff the eggs for the egg hunt (I couldn't find any artificial flavoring/dye-free candies, and the thought of melted chocolate+Easter outfits was not appealing), but I learned that it just made me Loser-Mom according to my husband and the other kids. D was a fan, though!

This girl doesn't like to do anything without a baby and some jewels.

And that's how we ended a very full Easter 2014!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

28 weeks

I don't have a lot to say, but I feel like documentation is in order because we are officially in the third trimester. At this exact stage with D, I had a scare with lack of movement, and it has happened again! This time, I resolved to be more cool about it and just mention it to my doctor at my upcoming appointment instead of rushing to the doctor as soon as I could get the nurse on the phone. At said appointment, I also completed the glucose screening. Still no word that I failed it, so it must be a good sign. I can probably thank Lent for that.

I have a precious friend who has loaned me her maternity clothes, and she really has quite the collection. My goal is to not wear the same outfit twice for the next twelve weeks.

 We've done a switcharoo on the names. Someone made the Dukes of Hazard connection the other day when I told her our pick, and since then it has sounded so redneck to me. I don't want to feel like I have to defend our name choices for the rest of my life, so we are probably switching back to the other name. Nothing is set in stone until it is embroidered on clothing anyway. :)

Speaking of redneck, I am not posting the comparison pic of me pregnant with D at 28 weeks because the scenery is just too depressing. Feel free to look back through the archives and recall that fun stage of our lives!

On a kind-of-but-not-really pregnancy related note, I have to brag because I was at Target getting diapers the other day and ended up buying the huge boxes of them because 1. they were on sale 2. I had a Cartwheel deal for them and 3. they came with a $15 gift card if I used my red card. Well I did the math and figured out that I saved $32 on 240 diapers (not including the gift card or the regular 5% off from the red card). I was just so stinkin' impressed that it really motivated me to start looking for other ways to stock up and save. (not to mention the fact that I won't have a last minute diaper run for at least a few weeks)

I was still riding on my cheapskate high (and also my smug I-can-still-make-it-to-Mass-with-a-besmocked-toddler-and-no-husband high) when I busted through the doors of the church for Saturday evening Mass with D at 5:27 and then realized that it started at 5. Fail. And of course I couldn't quietly walk back out because our church is always crowded even in the lobby area. I blame it completely on the pregnancy. I can't be trusted, really.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Terribly Cute and Funny Twos so far

As of about a month ago, we have a two year old in the house. This particular two year old is so hilariously cute and funny, and we just don't know what we would do without her. I wish I could video record every single moment, but I can't, so here's the latest with sweet D in words and pictures.

Enjoying a fireside chat with Dad at La Madeleine.
Taking in some light reading in the car in an outfit she selected completely on her own. I usually don't give in to such, but it was Mardi Gras break so you know.

Mardi Gras this year was even more fun than last year. D loved seeing the marching bands, especially the trumpets.

We celebrated her birthday with a few friends at Indulge, one of our favorites. We enjoyed pink frosted wedding cake cupcakes, pink and green macarons from Sucre in New Orleans, and Tahitian vanilla marshmallows. The girls played on the playground in Parc Lafayette for a little while afterward. It was a very "sweet" second birthday.

D invested in her first set of wheels, and I am proud to say that her dad assembled the car for her all by himself! She LOVES this car, but she hasn't quite figured out how to "go" in it. She really just likes to get in an out, pretend she is driving, and honk the horn.

I don't usually like to post diaper pictures, but these are just so darn cute that I can't help it. D owns two "t-shirts," and she loves them both. She frequently requests either her "pink shirt" or "blue shirt" instead of real jammies. She is also very prissy about her hair, and, MUCH to my delight, insists on having a bow in at all times because she really dislikes her hair in her face.

She also loves to play with my accessories. As you can see here, she has fashioned a new way to wear an infinity scarf, and it's quite catchy if you ask me!

In other news-

-she loves to sit in my lap, which she calls "Mommy's cwap," which sounds an awful lot like something else.
-she has added boiled crawfish to her extensive list of foods she likes. Strangely, she still does not like fresh tomatoes. I don't blame her, but it seems like something she would like. The girl can take down some fruit.
-She is a great helper in making muffins as she takes care of putting in the muffin liners. She is also pretty good about taking things to the trash and dirty clothes to the laundry room, but I won't like- she doesn't ALWAYS do it when asked. Just most of the time.
-When she sees a second of something, she says "another one" as in "another one lemon"
-And in the same vein, there is either one of everything or five of everything
-She is still very, very bossy and often bosses her classmates around even once we have gotten home. Needless to say, we know who the hitters, biters, and climbers are in her class.
-She is so very motherly and loves to change her babies' diapers, put them to bed, feed them and carry them on her hip. She is very open minded in terms of the types of babies she finds acceptable and has taken under her care stuffed amphibians, marsupials, felines, primates, rodents and of course humans.
-Every single day she says or does something new that surprises us and makes us laugh. She picks things up so quickly, and she is positively a parrot. We have to be really careful about the things we say. She has been to Meche's Doughnuts maybe three times, but she knows it when we pass it. (She calls doughnuts "doughmans" right now) She also knows where B's office is even though she has only been there a few times as well.

That's all I can think of for now!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby brother, Week 26

Here we are at week 26...more than halfway to the finish line of meeting our little guy.

26 weeks with D. 

Since the last update, which was forever ago, we have been through the anatomy scan and quad screening, and I'm glad to report that everything appears to be great right now. Since then, we have also been through Valentine's Day, a trip to New Orleans, and the entire carnival season, which happened to be pretty long this year, which happens to equal lots of king cake. Thank goodness for Lent or else I am sure there is no way I'd pass the glucose screening in a few weeks.

I've probably said this before, but the biggest difference in these pregnancies is that this one is going by much more quickly with a lot less anxiety. I wouldn't say this is because I have "been there and done that" and know not to worry because I can very easily work myself up into a big ol' ball of worry and anticipation. I guess it really is just different with the second- I don't have the luxury of spending half of every conscious thought thinking about or longing to hold my sweet baby because I already have a super sweet baby who is so much fun and keeps us very occupied. In general, it is a much more pleasant way to spend pregnancy because I can enjoy the process instead of wishing for the wait to be over.

Another thing that is very different with this pregnancy is my exercise habits. I have been running with a friend 2-3 times a week, which is approximately 2-3 times more than I ran in the last pregnancy.  I remember getting on a treadmill with D and feeling like everything would positively fall out if I kept running, so the best I could do was walk. I guess it really makes a difference if you start the pregnancy running.

Speaking of running, my friend and I ran a 5k a few weeks ago (22 weeks), and MUCH to our surprise, we placed 2nd and 3rd in our age group. She likes to joke that the only reason I won 2nd instead of her was because my belly crossed the finish line first! :)

For the sake of good record keeping, I should add that running has become a bit of an issue lately due to my right leg going numb/tingly at about the one mile mark. According to Dr. Google, it is likely the position of the baby on my sciatic nerve, so it's something I've been working with my chiropractor on.

Speaking of chiropractors, another big difference in this pregnancy is that I've been seeing a chiropractor every two weeks since Christmas to get adjusted. I had been reading about the many health benefits of regular, proactive chiropractic care in all of my natural resources, so regular chiropractor visits is what I requested for Christmas.

A final big difference is our overall health in general. We have eliminated artificial sweeteners completely with the exception of an occasional diet coke at a dinner out. It's still not ideal, but it's a heck of a lot better than before when I actually bought diet cokes for the house and used artificial sweeteners regularly. We have also eliminated a lot of artificial ingredients in general by using real, whole foods. We use very little canned ingredients, and we still eat lots of fruits and vegetables. We also use a lot of simple household and beauty products instead of those of the toxic chemical variety.

We have agreed upon a name with approximately 90% certainty. I kind of won in choosing D's name, so I'm not completely getting my way with this one, but it's ok.

And a final pregnancy update, I am definitely feeling movement and it is visible from the outside. I was at the dentist the other day, and she stopped what she was doing for a second because she got distracted watching his little flutters.

That's all for now. At the rate I'm going, the next post will be a picture of baby brother himself! :)